Sunday, June 20, 2010

Malacca Day1

20 June 2010

We jumped out of bed bright and early this morning, cos Daddy said we were going on a road trip to Malacca!

On the way to fetch Mama - in super high spirits!

The 2.5 hour drive passed by in a flash when you could snack non stop, sing to your favourite songs on the ipod and even take a nice nap in the car.

Even Daddy, who was the designated driver, didnt think it was a taxing drive. It helped greatly that the weather was cool and not scorching hot as usual!

So it was a pleasant ride all round for everyone!

We were originally supposed to stay at the Makhota, a hotel that looked pretty decent from pictures on the Internet.

However, all of us were appalled by its condition when we actually arrived. The entire room hadnt been cleaned when we checked in, rubbish was everywhere, the floor was sticky, the sofas made our butts itch, and the clincher - water from the taps was a viscous, rusty brown.

They didnt run clear even after we left the taps running for a good 20mins!

Daddy and Mummy decided there and then to change hotels.

Actually it was more of Mummy insisting that we change hotels, cos she figured that if she used the murky water to give us a bath, we would end up more filthy than we originally were!

It was a good thing they only paid a deposit of $30 ringgit for this crappy place, so they were more than willing to forfeit their deposit.

Finally after all the hoo-ha, we headed out for a spot of lunch as we were all starving by then. And what better to fill our tummies than our proverbial favourite chicken rice?

We were so fascinated by the fact that here in Malacca, they served the chicken rice in the form of balls!

Ooohhh yummy!!

Baby relishing his chicken rice ball

A yummy lunch washed down with ice cold drinks

Everyone with satisfied tummies!

Baby and I were begging to go for a dip in the hotel pool and we were treated to just that after a short rest in the room. Woohoo!!

A cool respite from the clammy heat

Water baby!!

Alas time flies when you're having fun, and all too soon it was time to go upstairs for a bath.

Baby all wrapped up after his bath cos the room was freezing cold

Can i take it off now?

Watching cartoons while sipping Milo - this is the life!

Mummy promised us more fun tonight cos she said we were going to explore a night market, filled with interesting sights and sounds and yummy treats!
Oooh we cant wait!

On the way to the Night Market at Jonker Walk, we ventured into the Hotel Puri, an authentic Peranakan House. The by now famous drama serial The Little Nonya was filmed in its very grounds.

It was decorated with intricate antiques, which inspired Baby to strike some fancy gongfu poses...I wonder why?

We even saw swallows building nests on the walls

The manager of the hotel told us that they harvested the birds' nests periodically

It was really an eye opener for us both - to be in a real Peranakan house, filled with so many different artefacts!

And then it was time for a much anticipated Peranakan dinner! Mummy found this place based on recommendations from her friends.

It was a tiny, nondescript shop tucked away at the corner of a row of shophouses and it didnt look the least bit impressive. But boy, the food definitely did not disappoint!

Nancy's Kitchen - at the corner of Jonker Street

We had the true Peranakan works, and we slurped up every single morsel

Am i over reacting, or does the plain rice seem tastier than usual?

Even baby seems to think so!

Here, have another mouthful Jie Jie!

After a totally delicious dinner, we headed off to the Night Market just around the corner. Mummy began to unleash her bargaining prowess as we trawled through the countless little stalls selling almost every single thing under the sun.

She got me some pretty clips here

Some cute luggage tags...and also stickers, stationery, shoes for us, bags for MaMa and accessories for Mummy - what a haul!

Mummy also read that the candied frozen fruits were a must-try so we made a beeline for the uncle selling these sweet treats.

Ooh i cant wait for my frozen treat!

Everyone had one stick to savor slowly!

And some icy fruit juices to wash everything down!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures tomorrow!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Tanglin Tree

Mummy and Daddy brought us for brunch at this quaint place today - The Tanglin Tree. They served healthy organic stuff and even had a playhouse outside for kids like us!

The playhouse was complete with swings, a huge slide and lots of nooks and crannies that we could run in and out of.

The shady swing under the playhouse

Actually it was rather only me who enjoyed scampering all over the playhouse. My little wussy brother was terrified of even going near the sand!

Mummy trying to get him on the swing...check out his totally reluctant face!

No matter, i had loads of fun!

Exploring all the different parts of the house

Then Mummy carried Baby up to join me at the 2nd level of the house.

Look how he reacted!!

Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Get me outta here!!!

Every diner within a 10m radius of my hysterical brother immediately whipped around to gawk at him. Most had incredulous looks that read "Why does that mum insist on putting that kid in the playground when he is obviously not enjoying himself?"

Lemme in!! Lemme in!!

And so, to save herself from further embarassment, Mummy had to cart him back inside the restaurant.

That didnt affect me one bit though...i continued my rampage around the playground alone.

Dont ever ever bring me outside again, ok??

After awhile, he decided to venture outside again. But of course, not on the sandy area, just on the wooden boardwalk outside the restaurant, where there were some kiddy toys.

See! Im happy now! Dont bring me to the sandy area OK!!?

Mummy: You'll be the death of me! haha...

And here i am, refuelling after all that running about outside!

Mummy had to change my shorts, cos it was all black from all the sliding around!

Mummy: Terelle is really a fearless babe, she's always game to try out new things. In the time she was in the playground, she made friends with 3 angmoh kids and was happily playing catching with them until she was called inside. I wonder when Baby will become braver and start venturing out of his comfort zone?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Princess Makeover

Mummy knows just how much i adore Ariel the Mermaid, so she spent $80 at Parkway just so that i could have a free Princess Makeover.
Dont claim any credit Mummy, i know u enjoyed shopping and spending that $80! hehehe

Getting preened by the nice Jie Jie, who was dressed like a maidservant

Baby watching me from outside the cordoned area

Mummy asked him if he wanted a makeover too, he indignantly replied that it was only for girls!

hahah smart boy!

See my Ariel tattoo?

There she is - my idol!

Baby's too tall to be one of the 7 dwarfs!

All made up!

Getting my hair done

If only they had red dye then i could have Ariel's hair!

Wah Jie Jie, you have been transformed into a real Princess?!

Alas there was no Ariel costume so i chose to be Snow White - my 2nd favourite Princess

I even got a pretty keepsake foto!

It now sits proudly in the dining room!

Mummy: It was a simple makeover but you were so thrilled. I felt really happy seeing your eyes all alight at having a chance to be a "princess".

All the queuing and waiting AND spending of the $80 was worth it, baby!